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I'm Standing Up Against Bullying

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MBIMB I am standing up against Bullying
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54% of children have been bullied at some time at school

70% of children with disabilities say they have been bullied.

It can affect:
A child's ability to learn
Reduce their ambition
Increase school absences
The effects of bullying can persist into adulthood and can increase the risk of:
poor health in later life
suicidal thoughts
heart disease
mental health issues
self harm and depression
What to look for in a child that is being bullied.
Watch out if your child has missing or damaged belongings

Watch for your child getting upset or withdrawn after they have been on their phone, tablet or computer (this may suggest cyber bullying)

Look for unexplained injuries or bruises

Your child may show some reluctance to go to school they may even start to say they are ill in the mornings to try and stay home

Watch for changes in your child’s behaviour -
(they may become withdrawn or may become difficult and play up)
Your child may start to have problems with their appetite or trouble sleeping

You may notice a change in your child’s academic performance

You may notice a sudden loss of friends

So let's get involved and make a difference.
We will be doing different activities this month - so if you would like to be involved please join our mailing list (on the front page)

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