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My Body is My Body  Languages

Welcome to the My Body Is My Body Languages page. Here you will find links to several languages which will have websites for you to explore. Each website will also have a .pdf of the programme for you to download. New languages are being added all the time.

Please find below our current available languages.
We also have a Teacher's Corner where there are Video Tutorials
and Lesson Plans to download.
Please have fun exploring our website.

A selection of programme .pdfs are available to many different languages.

  • My Body Is My Body Rules,

  • Bullying,

  • Cyberbullying,

  • Acts of Kindness

  • Signs of Abuse.


With this course, we will be covering:

1. Why do we need to teach about maltreatment

2. Worldwide facts about maltreatment (from ISPCAN)

3. How child maltreatment affects a community’s quality of life and economic prosperity

4. Different types and signs of Maltreatment

5. How to react if a child discloses their abuse to you

6. Basics on how to report child abuse


With this course, we will be covering:

Explanation on the objectives of each of the 6 songs and why we need to teach them
Detailed explanation on how to present each song and what to say to the children
(lesson plans are included)
Using the children's workbook and quiz


To complete the Course you will need to present 3 of the 6 songs in the programme. Please go through all the tutorials which will explain how to present the programme.
The video presentation can be done in front of children or adults in your community. (Please use your phone or video camera to record).

If there are any objections to the participants being filmed, you can film them from the back or from your side view - this is just so we can see

your presentation. If your community is in Lockdown from Covid - you may film a zoom presentation.

Teacher's Corner

Are you looking for a way to teach young children about child abuse prevention - but don’t know where to start? Well, look no further !! 


The“My Body is My Body” Programme will give you a step by step easy way to approach this subject through fun animated songs.

Each teacher tutorial includes:
1. The main objective of the song
2. Discussion points
3. Activities
4. Lyrics to the song and video introduction
5. Link to the song video

There are 5 songs, and each lesson should take no more than 15 minutes. 

You can present these over a week (1 per day)
Please do a recap the following week just in case there are any questions and to make sure they have
understood everything.

You can do the programme  over a 5 week period
(I suggest if you do this - that you do a recap lesson in the 6th week.

Please do this programme more than once a year - even if you just sing the songs and get the children to sing along - it will give them the opportunity to ask questions and bring up any concerns that they may have.

Subtitles in Urdu, Dutch, Swahili, Turkish and Spanish
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