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Tutorial on how to present the "My Body Is My Body" song

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The My Body is My Body Programme is designed for children from 3 - 8 years old.

How to use this programme:

Keep it Fun -

The songs are fun, positive animations, introduced by a character called
Cynthie, this should help you to keep the message simple. Sing along, do hand movements or dance, anything to make the message memorable.

Keep it Simple -

Young children do not need to know any in depth details of abuse just give them simple rules:
1. Nobody should be hurting you
2. Nobody should be touching your private parts
3. Nobody should take photos of your private parts
4. If you have a problem tell somebody
5. Don’t keep secrets if someone is hurting you
6. Tell someone if you are being bullied

Keep it positive -

The main objective is to empower children so they feel positive about their bodies and safe in the knowledge that they have someone to talk to if there is a problem.

My Body Is My Body - Video and Intro

Song 1

My Body Is my Body


Song Objectives:

To teach children that their body is their own and no-one has the right to hurt them or touch their private parts.

Firstly be clear that the parts of their body covered by their underwear are private and belong to them.

Now it is important to explain to children that there may be times that parents or carers may have to touch their private parts for example:-

a) When they are very young, parents or carer will have to bathe them, but as they get older they will learn how to bathe themselves.


b) Parents or carers may have to apply medicine to their private parts if the child is sick or sore. Make sure they know that this is something only parents or carers would do and if it makes them feel uncomfortable they can always be shown how to apply the medicine themselves.

c) A doctor may have to touch their private parts if they are sick or sore, but that Mommy, Daddy or their carer would always be with them if the doctor had to touch them there. There is no other time that anyone should be touching their private parts. The most important thing is that the children know it is ok to say “NO” if someone makes them feel uncomfortable or tries to make them do things they know are wrong. Empower children by letting them know their bodies belong to them. There is no need to go into any further sexual or abuse details with young children.

Most sexual abuse occurs either within the extended family or by someone the child knows and trusts. It is very damaging to a child when this trust is broken. They need to know they have someone safe to go to for help and someone who will listen to them and believe them.

Children need to know if abuse occurs that :

a) They are not to blame
b) They should not feel guilty

c) The person that has abused them needs to get help for their problem so that they will stop hurting children -
    and that is why it is so important to tell !
d) It is important to tell so that the abuse can stop.

Please remember that the perpetrator is usually someone that the child loves or trusts, so the subject needs to be discussed very gently.
Do not get angry in front of the child, they need you to be calm and in charge. You could explain that just like a drug addict or an alcoholic, people that abuse children need help to get better so they will not hurt children anymore, which is why they need to tell.

Sing along with the My Body Is My Body Song, have fun, do all the movements and make this a positive experience. Create a non threatening environment where children can freely ask questions about this subject.

Keeping Secrets

Child abusers and sexual predators often count on the fact that a child will keep a secret and for this fact alone it is a good idea to have a “No Secrets” family rule. Instilling this into your children from a young age regarding day to day occurrences will make them feel more comfortable about not keeping unsafe secrets if someone is hurting them or touching them inappropriately.

The Digital Age

With the digital age we also have to protect children from people who may want to take inappropriate photos. When talking to them about inappropriate touching, you should also mention that they may want to take a photo of their private parts (even if they don’t try to touch them ) and if someone tries to take a photo children must say NO!

Cynthie’s text from the video
Hello, my name is Cynthie and today we’re going to do the “My Body Is My Body” Programme. We’re going to sing some songs, have some fun and learn about how to keep safe. You know, our bodies are very special and nobody has the right to hurt us, or touch our private parts or do anything that makes us feel uncomfortable because it is our special body.

We’re going to do the first song now - and I want you to sing along with me - it’s called My Body Is My Body

My Body Is My Body - Song Lyrics

It’s my body
My body
And nobody has a right to hurt me
'Cos my body is my body for me

It’s my body
My body
And nobody has a right to touch me
'Cos my body is my body for me

I’ve got two hands to feel
And two eyes to see
And two ears to hear what you’re telling me
I’ve got two strong legs to take me where I go
And I’ve also got some private parts
That I don’t want to show


It’s my body
My body
And nobody has a right to hurt me
'Cos my body is my body for me

It’s my body
My body
And nobody has a right to touch me
'Cos my body is my body for me

I’ve got hair on my head
I want you to see
And a little belly button
In the middle of me
I’ve got a cute little nose
And ten little toes
And I‘ve got a mouth to tell you
What I want you to know


It’s my body
My body
And nobody has a right to hurt me
'Cos my body is my body for me

It’s my body
My body
And nobody has a right to touch me
'Cos my body is my body for me
Yes my body is my body for me

Written and animated by Chrissy Sykes ©1989 Update 2017

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