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My Body Is My Body Programme is a not-for-profit charity, The My Body Is My Body Foundation.

The My Body is My Foundation is here to offer communities a free resource to teach child abuse prevention to parents, carers, teachers communities and children. This musical programme was first written in 1989 by Chrissy Sykes an International Singer/Songwriter and recording artist.

Since taking the programme Internationally with the aid of Cartoon videos, Chrissy has been able to share the programme with over 50 Countries, and millions of children. This FREE Programme has been translated into 26 languages and the resources are available to share with children, parents, teachers and social workers around the world.


The programme is the Core Education Programme for the Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation and is supported worldwide by ISPCAN, Compassion International and many other National and International Organisations.

Our Core Values Are:

  1. Creating community awareness on how to start the conversation about child abuse prevention worldwide

  2. Educating as many children as we can on the subject of "Body Safety" worldwide

  3. Educating parents, teachers and community leaders with our free courses

  4. Providing resources and information on preventing child abuse for parents and other interested adults

  5. Offering as many languages as we can to extend our worldwide reach

    Our Team


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Chrissy Sykes (Trustee and Founder)

Founder of the MBIMB Foundation, is an award-winning singer/songwriter and recording artist, with a career in South Africa and Nashville, USA. She developed the MBIMB Programme in 1989 in conjunction with various Departments of Education and Departments of Human Services in the United States of America.

In 2016 Chrissy (now living in the UK) decided to animate the programme songs to reach a worldwide audience. Chrissy currently works with NGO and school volunteers in over 50 Countries who have reached at least 1.5 million children with the programme. Another 1.3 million people have been reached on Youtube. Chrisy spends her time teaching volunteers, school teachers and community leaders how to introduce the subject of child abuse prevention into their communities using the MBIMB Programme.

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Dee Russell - Thomas (Trustee)

With over 30 years of education experience in the UK and overseas, in state and private sector and from infant through to University level, Dee is able to support, advise and provide training in areas of school improvement, planning for inspections, lesson observations and performance management.

With specific expertise in "Closing the Gap" for our most vulnerable young people (BME,FSM,CLA) and ensuring equality of opportunity her approach is non-threatening, based on proven, practical initiatives and success stories. Dee is also a School Improvement Partner/ Head Teacher appraiser, a trained Ofsted inspector, an evaluator for the Ministry of Education in the Northern Emirates, UAE, an inspector for KHDA/DSIB in Dubai and an inspector/evaluator for British Schools overseas.

She is also Deputy Lieutenant of Gloucestershire and a Director of UK Global

Goodwill Ambassadors.

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Caroline Flynn (Trustee)

Caroline is the Vice Chair for the BASW England London Branch British Association of Social Workers.

Since 2006 Caroline has worked as a Locum Social Worker, Consultant Social Worker, Manager and Child Protection Chair throughout the UK. She has specialised in Family and Child Protection for over ten years and has covered all aspects of Child Care post initial assessment through a period of change and uncertainty. Caroline has worked with several Local Authorities through their restructuring and is aware of the impact this can have on both the children and families, as well as the staffing.


Caroline has developed the very successful LinkIndex Keyring, which uses unique QR codes to give instant access to over 2000 targeted resources and is designed for all agencies that support children, adults and families.

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Nick Askew (Board Member)

Nick is an innovative strategist and digital expert with a passion for growth and success. As the co-founder of Luminary 2, a Dallas-based creative and marketing agency, he uses a unique approach that blends art and science to create custom marketing strategies that lead to powerful and profitable brands.


His unusual background includes everything from production art to automotive industry leadership. This has allowed Nick to perfect his skills in digital strategy, video production, and social media.

Nick will be developing our new website which will give worldwide access

to our Free Courses and resources. It will be a hub where people can learn,

find out new information and download our free resources.

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