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Song 5 - Love Is Gentle

Song 5
Love Is Gentle
Song 5 Tutorial Image.jpg

Song Objective

To teach children that love is gentle and kind and is all about caring, sharing and trusting.

.Pdf Includes

1. The main objective of the song

2. Discussion points

3. Activities

4. Lyrics to the song

5. Link to the song video

Tutorial On How To Teach The Song

Love Is Gentle Video

***Please read the .pdf below
before sta
rting the programme***
it will give you information on the benefits of the programme, how to present, what you will need to present the programme and much more

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Signs Of Abuse.png

Signs of Child Abuse
This download will give you some basic information about the different types of child abuse and things to look for that may be signs of concern.

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After Presenting the My Body is My Body Program 
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