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Compassion International
Compassion International has received permission to host the My Body is My Body Curriculum on the website This is a public website that anyone can access, including the more than 7,000 churches in 25 countries who partner with Compassion to provide children with holistic development in order prepare them to be released from poverty.

The protection of children is one of Compassion’s most important priorities, including educating children to protect themselves. Compassion intends to encourage church partners to consider integrating the My Body is My Body curriculum into their work with younger children, as these courses are well thought out, engaging, informative, and available in many of the languages native to areas of the world where Compassion programming takes place.”


ISPCAN  - International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect - 
Dr.Tufail Muhammad President ISPCAN

Dear Chrissy. On behalf of the International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN), I congratulate you on initiating the “My Body is My Body” program aimed at prevention of child sexual abuse. Some of my colleagues have implemented this program and found it very powerful and entertaining. This unique approach of using music and songs to convey the preventive messages has proved very effective and appreciated both by children and teachers. I am aware that your ever growing global network of volunteers and ambassadors is very enthusiastic about this program and are reaching children through the school system in all parts of the world. I wish and hope that soon it will reach a critical mass to make a significant impact at global level.

Compassion International.png
United States of America

State of Tennessee - Department of Human Services - Commissioner Bob Grunow
As commissioner of the Department of Human Services I would like to thank you on behalf of the State of Tennessee and the many school children of Tennessee who have benefited from your efforts. The program is one of the largest child sexual abuse prevention programs delivered within the the Tennessee public school system. Your program is entertaining, non-threatening and effective.Every counsellor working within our Child Protective Services program knows first hand the benefit of preventing child abuse rather than picking up the pieces created when a child is victimised. We look forward to working with you at a local level in all our Tennessee counties and offer support to your efforts from all of our offices.

Commissioner Charles E Smith - State Department of Education Tennessee
It is a pleasure to express our support in the work you have done. Many of our schools have implemented the program with great success. Counsellors, teachers and parents continue to request information about your materials and school visits. We often recommend this material for meeting our state curriculum mandate for the prevention of child sexual abuse in health education. Teachers have reported it’s effectiveness toward reporting abuse.

Girl Scouts
Cumberland Valley Girl Scout Council

The program is exceptionally well - written and effective in communicating to children what they need to know about this all-too prevalent problem.

Metropolitan Public Schools - Helen Brown, Ph.D Director
I want to let you know that  the “My Body Is My Body” program is making a positive impact in our schools. The feedback from principals and teachers has been very favourable. Your positive approach through music provides basic information needed in a non threatening way.

The Agricultural Extension service

University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture - Jackie Donaldson, C.H.E

The Kimberley Project was presented in Putnam County during the school year. It was the best child abuse prevention program that I have ever seen. It was presented to over 4000 children and as a result 90 children were referred to the Department of human Services. The program has not only been very good because of the help obtained for children, but it has also been very good for the community to work together to prevent these problems. 

State of Tennessee
Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth

Your performance was outstanding, entertaining and inspiring. It is an excellent way to teach children self protection

UNASDG (Intergovernmental Organisation)
It is indeed an honour to support you and the work you do internationally. Your programme has now reached virtually every corner of the world
and is translated into many languages. You have built this steadily with hard work and now you are so successful.
We look to assist you through the UNASDG IGO 2030 targets and also through the Knights Templars of Albion in the UK.


Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chrissy Sykes for many years. Her program, My Body is My Body is changing the lives of children and giving them a future free from child abuse. This program is also helping teachers, social workers, and communities learn the signs of abuse. This program is also the core educational program for our nonprofit, Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation.

Chrissy Sykes consistently works on this program by producing it in many different languages along with doing the animations herself. When it comes to safeguarding children, it is Chrissy’s top priority, and she has been a tremendous help to our organization by helping ensure our policies are the best they can be.

This program is extremely well received by more than a million children around the world and is very much needed. Ms Sykes runs this program with extreme professionalism

GGAF Logo.png
Namibia copy.png

Make A Noise Community Safety - in conjunction with Windhoek City Police, Ministry of Gender Equality
and Child Welfare and NAMPOL

How does a person put monetary value to this exceeds any monetary value...if we had to ask kids to pay imagine we would never have reach what we all did...this programme gives me good sleepless nights and joy indescribable - Emmarencia Van Wyk

Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County
The project has been a great asset to our program. We have incorporated it into our curriculum. It is a major part of our “Self AwarenessUnit” The workshop you did for our staff and parents prepared us to better deal with the sad and very real subject of child abuse.

United Kingdom

Kamran Abassi - Managing Director Care4Children (UK) -
Thank you for your email and the wonderful gift you are presenting to help safeguard children from abuse. The content is excellent and really child friendly as well as a great resource for professionals working with them. Well done to you.

NNECA (National Network To End Child Abuse)
We have been promoting the MBIMB Programme together with Ms Chrissy Sykes for some time now.

The awareness material is critical as early-stage intervention and prevention of child sexual abuse.

There is significant evidence to support the efficacy and impact of this programme and resources therefore we would fully support Ms Chrissy Skyes


Elske and Jan Bijpost - Board Members Stichting Geton, The Netherlands -

While working together with a South African organization that supports sexually abused children, the GetOn Foundation noticed the important work the My Body is My Body programme is doing. 

The My Body is My Body Musical teaches important lessons to both children and parents in such a way that it makes it easier to open up about a subject that is still so difficult for everyone to talk about. No matter where you live, Prevention and Awareness are very important, both for children and for parents. Therefore, GetOn wholeheartedly supports the My Body is My Body programme!

South Sudan

Taimoor Khankhel -  Child protection Manager at Save the Children International -
 I am really grateful for such valuable support, from the link I watched some videos and found them really supportive for Child Protection Intervention. Thanks again for your valuable support.


Saleem Bokhari - Trainer Child Rights/Protection, Parenting / Health Education Officer at Health Department, Lahore, 

Congratulations for such a great creativity & contribution for improving the lives of children. Thank you so much for sharing, I shall incorporate in (with recognition) in my child protection / abuse prevention training (non-profit) in Pakistan. Once again thank you. Please keep sharing the ideas and creativity for empowering and educating the children.

Shoaib (Ahmed) Shahzad Pakistan - Manager Programs at Pathfinder International -
Hi Chrissy, wow this looks great. I will surely share this useful resource with my team members across the country and keep in touch further on this.

South Africa

Ada Buys - Unit Manager PATCH Child Abuse Centre, South Africa -
We love the My Body is My Body programme. We regularly share the songs via Social Media for both parents and children to make it easier to talk about this sensitive subject. We will also introduce the programme in our Prevention and Awareness programmes. And our therapists will also use it as the last phase of therapy, when they work on empowering the children.  


Janet Chepkwony - Child protection

This is amazing and brilliant idea. Can it be translated into local languages so that other children access the information as well in Africa.
This will be useful for the children themselves as its good to know their rights.


Asif Ali - Social Activist for Child and Youth Welfare Malaysia
It's an inspiring and awesome approach to cope with the sexual abuse issues in advance. This early prevention will give them courage to do more about sexual education. Really appreciated your worthy contributions. 


Julie Hernando -The Lighthouse Sanctuary -  (
We love your program and have great hopes of implementing it in the schools here in the Philippines.


Fouad Al-Aghbari - Human Resources Manager at Save the Children International (SCI) -

Thank you very much for promoting such wonderful idea. I am viewing the website now and for sure I will use it in my work and of course referring to your work (under your permission). 


Hope Ambassadors & Child Care organisation

We write to attest to the tremendous impact and suitability of the My-Body-is-My-Body programme for children, teachers, parents and communities in Nigeria and Africa. In our capacity as the Co-Chairs of the programme in Nigeria, we have through our non-profit, Hope Ambassadors and Childcare Organisation and our extensive network of volunteers been reaching and impacting not less than 5,000 kids every month for over 3 years.

As you may be aware, My-Body-is-My-Body is an international acclaimed Child Abuse Prevention programme which was created by Amb. Chrissy Sykes, a Board Member of Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation. She is an award-winning musician who has brought to bear her talent to pioneer a new method of teaching children these helpful life skills made easy by musical videos and materials.

Hope Ambassadors.png

Hope Ambassadors & Child Care organisation

Wheels of Hope Rising Foundation. As an organisation, we have collaborated with My Body Is My Body and through the collaboration, we have been able to impact thousands of Children in Nigeria and Africa through this programme. We have been able to create the right awareness and sensitization about child abuse and maltreatment and how children can speak up and never allow anyone to harm not hurt them and this program has also helped us to train thousand of communities and teachers on how to protect the children from any form of abuse.

Wheels of Hope Rising Founda6on has collaborated with My Body Is My Body promoting education inclusiveness in the last 5 years with various impacts. My Body is My Body has demonstrated a high level of commitment in providing the right resources both technical capacity and team dedica6on to the successful implementation of the project likewise contributes towards impact driving the implementation of Sustainable development goals and is a driving force that set an example for others to follow in making #SDGs a great success and this has helped support many children from abuse and how to protect them and increased the awareness in more communities on the impact of education beyond child labour and early marriage which is common in our continent.

wheelsof hope.jpg
Indian Flag.png
Litera valley School.jpg

Dr. John Harrison- Director cum Principal - Litera Valley School/ Delhi Public School (India)

In India, this program has reached and educated, empowered, equipped, enlightened and enriched over 50000 students and teachers who now are making such a huge difference not only to themselves but to others too. I strongly recommend that the My Body Is My Body Program should become a part of the normal school curriculum in as many countries as possible. The respective political leaders and governments should adopt it to educate the masses and save those kids whose lives have become a nightmare due to child mental, social and physical abuse. This program makes such a huge difference to kids who learn about it.

Imagine the program is being taught in the villages in Nepal and India, reaching the unreachable. It is bringing a smile to the dull faces of children who saw no hope earlier and even makes the adults realize where their responsibility lies, in passing on the information to as many kids as possible. Post pandemic, I think, it is absolutely imperative for every individual to take this program forward.

I have seen that relationships between teachers and students, parents and their kids have improved considerably because of the MBIMB Programme.

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