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Emmarencia van Wyk - Makeanoise Community Safety and Crime Prevention 

How does a person put monetary value to this exceeds any monetary value...if we had to ask kids to pay imagine we would never have reach what we all did...this programme gives me good sleepless nights and joy indescribable😄

Sustainable Women Organization
At the time when the socio political crisis plaguing  the Nation of Cameroon, particularly the North West and South West  Region, causing the displacement of many families from their homes of origin to areas experiencing little calmness,  Children, adolescent girls and boys are caught in the pool of sexual, physical, psychological and emotional abuse. With identified cases of rape, child neglect, physical torture and ongoing discrimination, and limited care for some of these Internally displaced children by some host families due to ignorance, frustration confusion or hardship. Then came the My body is My body International Child Abuse Prevention Program of Chrissy Sykes.

Sustainable Women Organisation, under the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer, Miss Tebi Honourine, Ambassador for the My Body is My Body Program for the month of February, used this programme to reach out to over 60 children who directly benefited from the program and over 30 families who learned from their children about the child abuse prevention and child care. It was a fun, singing, dancing, interactive, creative and innovative learning for these children at the time when their hope for such a friendly space for kids had all gone, given the present situation in the Country.

Getting to hear feedback from some parents, “Mummy, please don’t shower me any longer, i can shower myself, or if you shower me, don’t touch my private part, because "My body is my body and no body has the right to touch my body”  Says Abigaul Queen, a  5 years old kid of the program to her mother.

This to say, the program has not only created a safe space for these children within the ongoing crisis, but has greatly empowered  them with the courage to speak out when hurt or abused by anybody.  Sustainable Women Organisation-SWO and the entire team appreciates the MBIMB program and wonderful initiative of Chrissy Sykes which has not only provided us with the teaching materials but has build our capacity to be able to identify other community problems which has led to the creation of the Confident Kids Care Program and  definitely will continue to advocate against child abuse and children rights to education. 

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"Thank you Chrissy Sykes for crafting such an important program to be integrated in every classroom's curriculum. I am truly amazed and thankful to you for designing this child abuse prevention program in such an amazing way that it was breezy for us educators to open the communication on this subject which most adults avoid discussing about. Through this interactive, fun and musical Body Safety program, the children are having a memorable experience that they share with their parents. Consequently, the parents responded with immense gratitude for bringing up this topic through schools where they feel children are very comfortable confiding in. My Body Is My Body Program blended very well with the theme, 'Human Body' that we were discussing too.

The children truly benefited by learning about protecting their bodies and love their unique bodies. They were also taught various methods to address any uncomfortable feelings with confidence and given assurance that they will be heard somehow.  Once they are assured of the freedom to express well through the right avenues, they build trust towards their environment. This would allow the children to bloom to awesome adults to lead their own lives to contribute to humanity."


I was so proud to receive this video from WVED  and Helvecia Takwe in Cameroon. I was so impressed with what they have done in their community with the children and just how positive the feedback from mentors children and parents on the impact of the My Body is My Body Programme has been.

Thank you so much for making a difference and for helping us to create a Safer World For Children.

DuPont Elementary School

On behalf of our Parent-Teacher Organisation we would like to express how pleased we were with your program. The program opened the door for discussions on topics that are difficult to address. The students were made to feel aware of the fact that they had the right to say “NO” and to tell someone close to them if they had a problem.

Lakeview Elementary School
The message in “My Body IS My Body” is vital to our students who often face threats of sexual and physical abuse. Your music was delightful and set the tone for a candid and non-threatening atmosphere of learning.


Ross Elementary School
As our schools guidance counsellor, often I am one of the first people abused children will confide in. However there are many abused children that can not tell anyone of their situation. Case in point is a little girl that I have worked with for 2 years. I had suspected that she was or had been sexually abused, but even though we had an excellent rapport, this girl could not tell me about the abuse. That is until your program came to our school. After the performance she approached you with comment. Then the next day, she came to me and told of her experience. She made the comment that watching and listening to you was the reason she was finally able to talk with me.

Middle Tennessee Association of Family Daycare
It seems very inadequate to say merely “thank you” for sharing your wonderful program with us. Your subject matter is so timely and to observe a way of presenting it in a non threatening manner was certainly refreshing as well as educational.

Fantastic ! Great ! Moving! I sit here with my hands shaking and tears in my eyes. I have been teaching and had to report my first sexual abuse was. It was a little boy and I was the first one he told. His case is pending and I made eye contact with him through your program. You reinforced everything I had told him. He was smiling - Thank you ! I loved the personal experiences shared and the music was great !


Watauga School Florida
Thank you so much for your message. Each year as I have to approach this subject I get nervous. No More !! I will be using your program. I can not tell you all the positive feedback I received, Thank you


Fall - Hamilton School
Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation of “ MY Body Is My Body” What an important message for these children to hear - that their bodies are precious and that they have the right and the power to take care of them. I think most of all it must have given reassurance to those children who have endured the trauma of abuse.
Thank you for shining light into the darkness.


Rickman Elementary
I am writing in commendation of your recent performance at our school. In my many years of school administration, I have never heard as many wonderful comments from both students and staff. It was a personal highlight to observe the program and see how our students reacted to such an important topic.

The program was highly enjoyable, educational and entertaining.

Cumberland Elementary

“My Body Is My Body” is a quality program. It is a difficult program to present but one that is needed. It was done in an excellent manner, very direct and to the point with a caring and warm manner.


The program definitely works, while the second program was in progress a teacher brought 2 referrals. These two students after hearing the program wanted to share something that happened to them.

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