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Child aged 12
Personally I have never been abused, but my younger sister was. She told my Mom after seeing your program. All I can say is you are making a difference. Thank you

Child aged 8 
I really liked the program because my Mom has tried to talk to me about it and I didn’t really like talking face to face. I like what you had to say.

Child aged 5 
I learned to keep my parts to my self. If there is someone to take you for a ride - SAY NO!!

Child aged 9 
I liked the program because if was fun and edgicacional. The program was important to me because I learned what to do if I see someone abused, or if I’ve been abused.


Child aged 6 
I loved the program. I don’t think it is nice to touch peoples private parts - I think they are all idiots


Child aged 4 
Don’t touch my stuff !!


Child aged 5 

I loved your music today and I will say NO… I promises


Child aged 7
I loved the show, it was in portent and fun and the music was great
If it don’t feel right


8 years old
I enjoyed the program. It was very notifying. I think my classmates will agree with me - it was excellent.

4 years old
That lady said don’t touch us on our privacy !

Tell our Mama and our daddy

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